January Shop Calendar. 2023. & Sub Intros.

  • by Chaz Jorgensen
January Shop Calendar. 2023. & Sub Intros.

OMG. It is happening.

A new year, and a brand new website that we can call home.

We have been on Etsy as Shameless Stickers for over 5 years now. It has been a long time coming. 

And from here on out, all of your new releases, and subscriptions will be HERE. Shameless Stationery dot com.

Etsy isn't going anywhere though. We owe this platform a lot of Grace, especially after finding out all the details of creating this site. In fact, you will still be able to look forward to our digital collections there. I haven't committed to never putting any new releases there, but for now you will be able to get all digital papers there on Bundle Day. As of right now, there are still a ton of listings. About 90% of them will never be on the website. So it is still a great shopping source for you - especially with stickers you know and love.
The website will be unlocked this Friday, Bundle Day, 1/13 @ 9am PST. Please take your time, go slow, there is no rush to do anything. And I am asking for your Grace with mistakes, errors or malfunctions. You will be able to see several listings, including our new listings for Bundle Day.
The main 'new' launched listings are the #monthlysplashbundle, the Slap Pack, Full Sheet Stickers, and the a la cart clears from last month. What is very cool is that the home page will lead you directly to them. Along with many drop down shopping options. We even have a subscription drop down... that will lead you to our new subscriptions for the monthly splash bundle, the slap packs as well as take you to the TPC Nation website to snag our collab Slap Pack there.
Full Sheet Stickers have always matched the splash colors for the month. Lately we have even been collabin' with Kim Gee, who is a talented graphic designer and planner girl - as well as a long time Shameless lover. She and I have been creating digital papers together (digital papers will stay on Etsy under Shameless Stickers) and from there I take the collab and collab a little harder to create a splattered full sheet sticker for you to enjoy and color coordinate with your monthly splashes. We are not stopping this. This listing will be up, but will not be available as a subscriptions. Maybe one day - but not today. Something new about these... this listing will stay active for the month, if not through the holiday that it could coordinate with.
Small Sheets $9
Large Sheets $15
All 4 Small Sheets $27
All 4 Large Sheets $45
SUBSCRIPTION NUMBER ONE #slappacks are becoming a popular item for us. And its been so much fun creating these stickers. These are going to be a subscribe and save option for you now. Every Bundle Day, we will launch the slap pack subscription for you to sign up within 7 days of the launch. There will be a flyer that is on the listing to show you what is inside this month's slap pack, as well as us sharing what is inside on our social media pages. The pack will be cohesive with your splashes and full sheets. There will be a limit of 50 subscribers or slots. This listing will close either when the slots are filled or at the 7 day mark. This listing will not give you the option for a 1 time purchase, it is to subscribe and save for $15.50 per month. This listing will charge you monthly, based on the date of your first purchase. From there, your subscription will ship by the 25th-28th of each month.
Don't worry Slap Pack Day (which is on the last Friday of every month @ 9am PST is still a thing. This day will be the day that you can snag any remaining packs that WE MAY or MAY NOT have, as well as any a la cart options from the month. If there are packs left, that price will be $20.50. These will stay in the shop until they are sold out.
SUBCRIPTION NUMBER TWO #monthlysplashbundle will be available as a subscription or a one time purchase. Subscribing will save you 15% on your bundle. Your bundling options will stay the same except, Bundling with your choice of 2 add ons. There is no way to make that happen without confusion, at this time. I apologize but I can tell you that you can bundle and save with one add on - then add 1 additional sheet. You will need to take advantage of this listing within the 10th through the 15th of each month as of February. This means that your splash bundle will not always land on bundle day - in fact it probably won't. This listing will go up on the 10th of every month from here on out. This listing will automatically charge you on the 10th of each month if you choose to subscribe. That way we can begin production, package orders and get it shipped by the 25th-28th (if not sooner).
Bundles $22
Bundle + 1 add on $28-$28.50 (depending on the add on)
Complete Bundle $44.99
a la cart sheets $6-7.00 (depending on the sheet)
*these do not reflect 15% off with subscribing.
NOTE: Any splash reorders will be mid and end of year. 
Other Need To Know Things:
🔥 There is no active PR team nor are the Veterans on term (however they are always happy to help with questions). So this means the only active code will be for our FB group members only. Etsy and the website will have two different ones, so check the pinned post and information from Krista Jackson for this.
🔥 For the reason of pure efficiency, we are no longer combining same day orders.
🔥 Notes to seller can still be made for your freebies, but not on subs please. Love notes are ok though - we love your love notes.
🔥 If you are subscribing to one of our subscriptions - please do not have any other items in your cart. If you are subscribing to both of our subscriptions - please make two separate purchases.
🔥 In order to add either one of our subscriptions, you must check the 2 check boxes on that listing. If you don't it will not let you add to cart.
🔥 While subscribing to the splashes, be sure that you have subscribe and save checked vs one time purchase.
🔥 We recommend creating an account on our website (but please know that we do not have access to this account) but this will help you for your subscriptions, as well as future rewards.
🔥 New jelly products will be up in February, so please bear with the 'under construction' listings. But you are able to purchase some older colors.
🔥 Material is coming quarterly this year. However we may have the first launch a little sooner because it will be vault based. We have a ton of vaulted material. And we will be listings many sack sizes, and blankets. So hang tight! In the meantime, the remaining sacks are on Etsy.

During this month, our wish is for you to shop around the website, and take the time to see what 2023 is going to look like. Remember, we ask for you to remain kind, patience and give us grace as we transition things. Slowly but surely listings will be up. Thank you all for getting us here. I don't know if you will ever truly understand the depths of our gratitude. XO - Chaz


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