Most frequently asked questions

basic shopping facts

how soon will my order be shipped?

currently we need to ask for a grace period of 2-3 weeks for shipping. but. we do our very best to ship within a 5-7 day time frame. we ask for that grace period, for emergencies and unforeseen delays.

what is your return or exchange policy?

we do not offer any returns or exchanges on our products. but listen. we are human. if for some reason we let our human side show, and you have a flaw or mistake that needs to be addressed - please reach out. we are here to help, and want to make sure you have the best experience.

what kind of sticker paper do you use?

generally speaking we are using a matte sticker paper, that is coated and elusively known as the unicorn paper. however, we do offer other sticker products that may be printed on something different. we recommend reading through the listings carefully.

are you able to ship internationally?

at this time, we are only shipping to the US and Canada.

are your jelly products made from real jelly?

yes. strawberry. NOOOO. i am kidding. no jelly products on this website are made from real jelly. and yes, this is a question we have had to answer before.

do you ofter customs?

we do. you can check to see if the custom sticker listing is in stock, or reach out to see when they will be back in stock.

curiosity about our material

is the material you use made from real fur?

the answer is short and simple. no.

how long does it take to make a sack?

each sack is hand sewn, with a lot of love, by mama. generally she needs about an hour to sew an item. but that is after years of practice.

can you wash your sacks?

heck yeah! if you need to wash your sack, we recommend a gently cycle in the washing machine with a little bit of soap. but please do not use liquid fabric softener. when it is time to dry, you can hang dry it or put it in the dryer with little to no heat. but please do not add a fabric sheet. fabric softeners and fabric sheets do the opposite of their job - they actually remove the softness from the material.

are you supposed to sniff your sacks?

ummm... yes! you dirty bird! we spray a shamelessly secret scent on every bag. it's a smell that can be described as floral, or cotton candy, or pure awesomeness. but we will never tell you what it is. for those of you that are sensitive to smells... we are able to no scent, but you will need to reach out to us prior. and just know that your sack could still have a residual scent from being stored with other bags, but you can always wash it once you have it.

do you ever make customs?

yes. yes. and more yes. simply reach out to us and let's chat.


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