Star Struck Krista

  • by Chaz Jorgensen
Star Struck Krista

Let me tell you a little Shameless story…

It was 2017 I believe, when I started planning and found this awesome sticker shop! I had only known about main stream planner stickers at this point and when I came across Shameless on Etsy my planner life changed. I was so excited to find stickers and a whole community of people that planned and thought like me! From sassy quotes, and awesome doodles ,to all thing music it was love at first sight! Shortly after my discovery, I was lucky enough to join a PR term and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since 😜

I’m still star struck, that I get to know and call this awesome, beautiful, talented human  behind the stickers and splashes a friend!!  Shameless has become way more than just a sticker shop to me, but I will always be here for the stickers because hey, they are pretty awesome too! 


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