Thoughts from a basic… witch?!

  • by Chaz Jorgensen
Thoughts from a basic… witch?!
Hi it's me! Ariana from @arireadsitall on instagram!
It’s finally fall in New England and it’s time to break out the Halloween season Shameless kits and all the pumpkin spice (sorry not sorry)!
What I love about the kits are the endless opportunities to layer and build your spread one sticker at a time! In this corner alone, there six stickers (can you spot them all?!)
I’m a big functionals girlie and these frames do the trick and add a little something to the spread! I paired this frame with an oldie but goodie sticker from last year “the basic bitch”! Now my coffee may be pumpkin and my fall uniform may be “the Princess Diana” but there’s nothing basic about this kit!


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