Be in the moment with Danielle!

  • by Chaz Jorgensen
Be in the moment with Danielle!
Picture it March 2022...
After months of lurking on the planning community I posted my very first spread and in that lurking, I found the coolest planning accessories through Anna (@annareadsandplans) splashes and inking. I had always been a planner but this decorative planning was new to me! I then went down a rabbit hole and found Shameless Stationery. A shop that lyrics to my favorite songs, splashes adding pizzazz to my planning, and at the end of it all community. My connection to Shameless brought to my very first PR term where I learned from the best, actually made reels, and more. My very first live, yep, thanks to Shameless (shout out to Ariana for being my partner in that). 
While we may come to Shameless for the splashes, lyrics, quotes, and more I think we can all agree that we stay for the community. Shameless has brought me real life meetups with Jeanne and Mae, and more to come! The spread showcased here is the Wildflowers Kit, it was perfect to capture the feeling of my vacation to Vancouver, BC and the Noah Kahan concert (Stick Season anyone!?!?) This kit makes me think of pausing, breathing, being in the moment, and enjoying nature!
Thank you Shameless! 



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