• by Chaz Jorgensen

We have such a wonderful community on Facebook, and just by being a member there are so many perks. For starters, every month, we announce a new code word to add to the notes of your order. By doing this, you will receive a small 2in. sticker of the month. This January is no different. The photo featured on this blog is, this month's sticker. Other fun things that you will get - 10% off savings year round with an exclusive code, access to see new releases before it is posted on IG, general sense of community with like minded Shameless fans, how to videos, live plan with me sessions AND MORE.

Join 'The Shameless Community' today, say hello. 

If you are already in the group; say hello and of course don't forget to always stay informed with the current 'word' to drop in the notes. 


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