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these are the faces of our shameless veteran crew members. they have been purchasing, using, supporting, sharing, representing and much more behind the scenes work with shameless for many moons. we know you will be inspired by all of them, and be able to connect with them on a level of mutual interests. when we have an active 'p.r. team', these veterans are there to guide them, and inspire them along the way. they have active samplers and even discounts for you from june-december months. be on the look out for more information, and be sure to reach out to us if you are interested in p.r. in general.


meet kim. veteran p.r. for shameless, as well as one of our graphic designers behind the scenes. she puts the magic touch to our branding and style.

kim says "while i was sticker shopping i stumbled upon the rapper stickers (mix tape) and fell in love. at that point i didn’t realize i found “my place”. shameless quickly became a source of amazing products that would help me keep myself organized and also a way of me decorative planning to get my art release that i needed for my “me time”."

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meet anna. veteran p.r. for shameless as well as our kit & splash coordinator. you can thank her for your color schemes and textures.

anna says "the shameless dci that started it all for me: “i’m not a rapper i just cuss a lot.” with that dci, i went down the shameless rabbit hole in 2017 and here i am five years later. sassy teacher (both in person & remote), cat mom, epic reader, wife, pandemic gardener, passionate crafter, and now a new mama."

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meet krista. shameless p.r. veteran as well as our facebook coordinator. she's is the brain behind our community on facebook, as well as a creative eye for freebies.

krista says "i have been a shameless fan since 2017 and a pr crew member since 2018! using shameless stickers has really helped me create my own unique planning style! i love a mix of functional and decorative planning all splashed together with a little sass! another big part of my planning is furs! i’m talking both fur babies and the amazing furry sacks! check out my instagram if you love pets, planners and sticker bombs."

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meet shaneisha. veteran p.r. for shameless, original creator for #monthlyremix and a creative eye for our monthly remix sampler sheets.

shaneisha says "i have been a customer since 2018 but I would like to say that I have been a "family member" since my 1st order!  each and every order is truly quality checked and packed with love, and that is what keeps me coming back!"

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meet jeane. a veteran to shameless p.r. and a huge creative human for the foundation of our junk journalin', diy challenges, and traveling post cards.

jeane says "i found shameless in 2017, and it was love at first sight! chaz’s edgy style and hand drawn art had me wanting to plaster stickers everywhere! junk journals are my favorite, and I love a good dci moment. You can find me using shameless digitals, stickers, and stationery in all kinds of crafts on instagram."

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meet brandi. a veteran p.r. for shameless and an inspiration for a busy mom in our planner community.

brandi says "i have been a shameless customer for a few years. my first purchase was a beautiful fur backdrop, and i was hooked from there. chaz makes stickers that fit my free flowing and creative planning style perfectly, and i love how easy they are to incorporate into any spread and project."

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meet cristina. a brand new veteran member we are proud to have in our corner of the planner community. keep an eye out, she will blow your mind with her one of a kind crafts.

cristina says "when I first discovered shameless the first sticker that caught my eye was “I like the way you plan It no diggity”. I was like whoa there are planner stickers with music lyrics. one of my favorite things is music and concerts. well that started the love I have for this shop. as I got to see their creative products I just couldn’t stop. the amount of love and hard work the whole family puts into their products is amazing and shows the quality. the shop has something for everyone and lets my creative side shine through. especially those splashes we all love."

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customers coming in hot

Replenishing some of my favorite stickers that I use all the time for planning. I absolutely NEED my Shameless or there'd be no planning for me. Best customer service and really fast shipping 🥰


Since day one ☝️ from ordering from shameless stickers I’ve loved EVERYTHING about all the products especially the bows! So cute!


Beautiful & great quality. Matched description well. Can use for variety of things.


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