The Binge Journal!

  • by Chaz Jorgensen
The Binge Journal!
The Binge Journal is a B6 (5x7 format) journal, notebook, planner or whatever you want it to be.
The concept is to be able to record, journal, challenge, stat, and plan your TV series, Movies, Podcasts, and more. SO MUCH MORE.
The layout is beyond simple that it means you can literally do ANYTHING with it.
Your Binge Journal will have a metal white coil, a strong laminated & removable cover, 6 black tabs, and 80lb paper.
We will be hosting two launches to make it a fair opportunity for everyone BECAUSE THE QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED.
Please set your alarms for BOTH of these times because each time/day will come with more listings.
DAY/TIME #1 is Fri. 9/16 @ 9am PST.
The first 10 orders will receive a FREE movie film washi tape, and the washi tape listing will also be up in the shop this day.
DAY/TIME #2 is Fri. 9/23 @ 3pm PST.
The first 10 orders will receive a FREE movie film washi tape, and we will have an entire Binge Watch & Chill-ax sticker collection coming.
Please note: The listing for the journal and the washi will be in the 'little things' section of the shop. The stickers will be in the sticker section, UNDER ONE LISTING.
COST: $52 + Shipping
ABSOLUTELY NO CODES ON THESE. If codes are used we will refund your order, and update the quantity.
*I would like to THANK and PRAISE Amanda Baldwin from Avalon and Ninth as she is the entire designer, and production behind this journal. I can't rave enough about the quality of this journal. Being able to keep supporting another small business along side of mine, AND to have this made in the USA, is a dream come true.


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