I did it.

  • by Chaz Jorgensen
I did it.

I finally shared our brand new planner. 

Honestly. I have been so engulfed in this planner for over a year now, that I never felt more nervous than I do now. 

I feel like so much heart, soul and time has gone into this. 

There was mindful adjustments, fierce accents, and honestly - pure planner experience that created this masterpiece. 

I have been 'planning' for decades. I have used many planners, and I even have my favorites, and least favorites. This planner utilizes my wants and needs for my own personal planning. 

I think that you might like it too. 

You will be able to find sneaks all over our IG accounts, and our favorite veteran accounts. 

Of course, if you wanna dive deeper - join our FB group called 'The Shameless Community'. 

The first 50 of them will be available on 2/24 @ 9am PST. 



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