Ariana Says...

  • by Chaz Jorgensen
Ariana Says...
Once upon an Etsy search I found Shameless Stationery and the rest was history! That was in 2021 when I was baby planner and now you could I’ve upped my game. That is largely due to being part of the Shameless community, where creativity is everything. I’ve learned from fellow PR members how to take a spread or kit and make it my own. The functionals in the shop are my favorite and I use them for my to do lists, my bookstagram reviews, what I’m reading, and everything else going on in the world of Ariana (and it’s a lot)!! Planning is my happy time where I can put on a reality tv show (usually the housewives but lately a LOT of Love Island) and just tune out everything else. I like to take the items from Shameless and really make them my own.
This is the Stan to the Lee kit that I’ve layered with other splashes, functionals, and words from the monthly remixes (every month seeing what Chaz and Shaneisha come up with I’m in awe)! The kits are my challenge to fill all the white space and I think I crushed it!
Through all my love of Shameless, I’ll never forget the words of the first sticker I ever bought “it’s fine, I’m fine”


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